Beta Alpha Sigma Nu

Recent Projects Overview

Projects listed below were financed in large part from the Sigma Nu Projects Fund. Find out how to donate to the fund to make more projects like these possible.


1. New “Brother’s Room”: A room downstairs has been walled off and two new doors installed. New furniture and paint has the room looking great. This room provides a private place for our regular chapter meetings, a place for brothers to do work, and a locked place to store personal items during larger events. Completed this fall.

2. New Kitchen Floor: The old tile floor was both hard to clean and worn down from years of use. The new beige tile floor looks much better and is very durable. Completed this fall.

3. Upstairs additions: A new sink in the second floor bathroom is a great new addition, and adds to the attractiveness of living in the house. Additionally, we installed a door at the top of the first floor stairs, so that the rooms and areas upstairs remain secured during larger events. This allows us to contain our guests to the recently renovated downstairs areas. Both completed this fall.

4. Basement Renovation: At the end of last year, a group of dedicated brothers repainted the floors and walls of the basement, including a large Sigma Nu symbol in gold on the middle of the floor. Ceiling panels were replaced in addition to an overhaul of the bathroom. The basement has become a popular spot, with the highlight being the Donations Wall.


1. New Hot Water Heater: We are looking to replace the existing hot water heaters.

2. Carpets and Windows: Many of the windows and carpets are beginning to wear down. While they are currently still serviceable and safe, we would like to replace as much as we can in the near future.

3. Construction of a new table for our main upstairs room: The removal of a large and heavy pool table from this room in the fall gave us more space and flexibility during our events. In its place we are constructing a movable wooden table top, complete with the Sigma Nu letters.

4. We are always adding new locks and making sure that the house is safe at all times for brothers and our guests. Suggestions for types of projects like this are always welcome.